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Mount Mills produces Cold Pressed Flax Oil - this helps keep the level of Omega 3 in the flax oil very high
Read about the OMEGA OILS 3, 6 and 9 and the benefits of cold pressed flax oil
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Benefits of Cold Pressed Flax Oil from Mount Mills

Flaxseed oil is very high in Omega-3 called alpha-linolenic (ALA), which is one of three essential fatty acids that your horse needs and cannot make for itself. Omega-3s are needed by every cell in the body. Among other things, an ample supply helps ensure that cell membranes stay flexible so that cells can get nutrients easily. Your horse can use ALA to make all the other omega-3 fatty acids that it needs, including both EPA and DHA. Another advantage of getting omega-3s from the ALA in flax oil is that your horse does not create more EPA and DHA than it needs. Therefore, ingesting too much EPA/DHA is not an issue.

Short term benefits for your horse include improved skin and coat condition, fewer skin alergies and fighting sweet itch.

The longer term benefits are numerous and include improved hoof quality, increased bone density, improved joint health, reduced muscle soreness, increased tissue elasticity which reduces the incidence of EIPM (nasal bleeding) in performance horses. In addition, mares milk which is higher in Omega 3 can result in healthier foals with a higher resistance to infection.

Specific benefits worthy of more explanation include:

Benefits of Flax Oil for broodmares

Previous research has demonstrated that offering Omega 3 fatty acids in the diet of mares will result in the mare cycling sooner and more consistently. This is due to the enhanced hormonal profile. It is recommended that the diet of pregnant mares be supplemented with omega 3 fatty acids, allowing for the transfer of these beneficial fatty acids to the foal in utero.

Benefits of Flax Oil for stallions

Studies in Colorado University have shown that breeding stallions who were supplemented with omega 3 fatty acids (specifically the long chain fatty acid DHA) have shown increased sperm concentration

Benefits of Flax Oil for High Performance Horses

Research has demonstrated that products containing the essential fatty acids present in flax oil supplemented in the diet of performance horses has the following benefits:

Allows for less soreness and stiffness
Aids in quicker recovery from muscle inflammation
Induces earlier shedding and hoof durability
Normalise and rebalance certain prostaglandins which in turn reduce inflammation
Eliminate lactic acid more readily. Performance horses depend heavily on anaeroboc glycolysis for energy consumption and fatigue is most likely to result from lactic acid accumulation. Flax Oil reduces this build up and also balances the increased production of the enzymes and hormones involved in the performance which increases speed and endurance.

Benefits of Flax Oil for the Immune System of your horse

Flax Oil has been shown to reduce equine endotoxemia. This inhibits the occurrence of colic, laminitis, organ failure and other systemic conditions. Clinical studies have shown that flax oil fed in the daily ration over a period of time will have a therapeutic effect on chronic inflammatory and allergic conditions such as arthritis, lupus and ulcerative colitis.

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